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Bad Credit You May Still Qualify For A Credit Card

Bad Credit? You May Still Qualify For A Credit Card!

Let’s face it: in order to buy or sell so many things in today’s society you simply must have a credit card available in order to complete many transactions. Sure, you could pay cash for many things, but how convenient [or safe] is it to carry around a wad of bills? If you lose the money, it is gone forever. Not so with a credit card as that little plastic device can be easily replaced. What do you do if you have bad credit? Are you locked out from getting a credit card? Happily, the answer is a resounding no. You have some options that can help put a new credit card in your wallet, bad credit or not.

Bad Credit: What It Is

Before we take a look at applying for a bad credit credit card, let’s examine some things that could cause you to have a bad credit rating:

-- Late payments on car loans, rent, mortgage, bills, etc.

-- Medical bills you cannot afford to pay.

-- Legal judgment against you including: child support, lawsuit, etc.

-- Loss of job, big reduction of income.

Any one of these things can harm your credit rating, making it more difficult, but not impossible, for you to get a credit card.

Bad Credit Credit Cards: What The Offers Are

If you apply for a bad credit credit card, please know that the consumer requirements are different than for those cards for people with good credit. Still, a bad credit credit card can be a good idea to help you build your credit rating back up; it won’t improve overnight, but it can improve with your disciplined repayment plan. Here are some things you must know about a bad credit credit card:

Your APR will be higher. Some offer low APRs for the introductory rate, while other cards will offer a variable rate. Overall, the APR will be higher.

Default rate. If you are late with payments, you may find yourself paying a much higher default rate.

Annual fee. Expect to pay an annual fee as high as $100 per card, less if it is for a secured card.

Other fees. Depending on the card you select, you can be charged an account set up fee, program fee, annual fee, and a participation fee.

When shopping for a bad credit credit card, only commit to getting one that fits your budget. Between the fees and the higher APR, you could find yourself with a card that doesn’t work with you. Still, by using a bad credit credit card, you can reestablish your credit if you use the card and pay it down quickly and on time.

Balance Transfer Credit Card

Balance Transfer Credit Card

Would you like to find a way to save more than $1000 to $1400 this year? If you are one of the American households that has $ 8000 or more in credit card debt, your answer could be a balance transfer credit card.

For most credit cards, the minimum payment due each month barely covers the interest. It could take you years to pay off that balance and with payments totaling at least twice the original amount billed. Substituting a higher interest credit card with a lower interest card with a 0% APR introductory offer for the first twelve months makes perfect sense. If you take the time to compare balance transfer credit card offers and figure out a payment strategy, you could significantly lower your credit card debt, interest free.

Many of the balance transfer credit card offers include a transfer fee, either a minimum of $50 up to 3%. You need to take this into consideration when computing your savings.

Of course the best strategy would be with the intention of having the full balance paid off by the end of the introductory period so you could be debt free. But if that is not possible, by paying what the minimum was previously, estimating $125 per month, add an additional $50 to $75 each month, you could still have a good portion of that balance paid down and save yourself over $1000 in a year. If at the end of the 0% introductory period, the new balance transfer credit card offers a lower rate than your present card, you’re still a winner.

Now there are a few things to remember when you’re playing this trading credit card game. If the purpose is to lower your debt, don’t continue to use the old credit card. After a few months you might want to cancel it.

Another thing to think about if you are planning on applying for another balance transfer credit card with a 0% APR introductory period when this card is twelve months old, that each credit inquiry effects your credit score. So try to keep switching credit cards to a minimum.

Applying for a balance transfer credit card can be effective if you have the right plan and stick to it. You can be on your road to be debt free and rather than pay interest to the bank, pay yourself. Think of how much you could accumulate if you were able to put that $125 to $200 each month into an interest bearing account that pays you!

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